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The film begins with the marriage of Giri (Rajendra Prasad) and Seeta (Rajani). Seeta is an Orthodox woman, who troubles Giri with her traditional customs on the provocation of her grandmother Akhilandeswari (Nirmalamma). Giri works at the branch office of a chit fund company owned by Krishna (Nutan Prasad). Krishna leads a happy family life with his wife Radha (Y. Vijaya). Once he visits the branch office, appreciates Giri's sincerity, gives him the promotion and he is transferred to head office. In the process of searching for a rental house, Giri is attracted towards a prostitute Sandhya (Chandrika). But to his misfortune, they were caught by Police. To escape, he introduces her as his wife and for the witness they call Krishna. Krishna takes them and keeps in his opposite house, helpless Giri has to obey his order. Meanwhile, Seeta along with her grandmother reaches Giri. Now a confusion drama starts, Giri is stuck between both. Meanwhile, Sandhya's elder sister Ranganayaki (Mamatha) also enters the scene and makes a lot of mess. They also create disputes between Radha and Krishna. The rest of the story is a comic tale of how Giri gets rid of all these problems.


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